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Colleen Burns

Influencer Engagement Program Manager
Colleen Burns leads IBM's Influencer Relations program, focused on nurturing social business subject matter experts and fostering long-term, high value relationships with key thought leaders, clients, partners and communities. With programs like IBM Select, Colleen analyzes social metrics and coaches SMEs on how to increase their social eminence to be more influential in the community. Her work in this program is defined as a best practice within IBM.

This role was a natural evolution from Colleen's previous role as Social Business Manager where she helped develop IBM's social media strategy.

Prior to joining IBM in 2001, Colleen was an investigative producer/journalist for WNBC-TV and WABC-TV in New York. She also wrote "OneHourWiz: Personal PR", a guide on promoting yourself and your business. When she isn't online, Colleen can be found running or cycling on the West Orange Trail – or avoiding gators in local lakes.